De lekkerste manier om iets goeds te doen

Doing good never tasted so great

Fair Trade Original – it’s all in the name. Our brand has specialized in ethical products since 1959. Discover our delicious, fabulous range of products. From fine aroma coffees to dark chocolate sprinkles. From a spicy curry paste to fresh apple juice. Get inspired – and bring a little joy to your life and the lives of others every day.

Our brand

Fair Trade Original is a brand aimed at the Dutch market. We buy raw ingredients or ready-made products from our fairtrade partners and sell these predominantly in supermarkets, in speciality shops such as the World Shop, wholesale, and on line.

Our speciality

At Fair Trade Original we have developed our own way of doing business. We ensure that our tasty products not only have a pleasing effect on you, the consumer, but also a positive effect on the producers: coffee growers in Latin America, tea pickers in Africa, rice growers in Asia. And we have been doing this for a long time, it’s our speciality.

Our trading partners

Bee-keepers and coffee farmers in Guatemala, apple gatherers and grape pickers in South Africa, pineapple and rice farmers in Thailand. These are the people that our trade focuses on. Offering them opportunities. Offering them a future. Of course, we consider carefully whether to form links with any particular supplier. The product has to be suitable. And the relationship must work in line with our fairtrade principles. On our part, we help cooperatives and businesses to work on their growth and development. As any fair and reasonable business partners would expect from each other.

Update! Fair Trade Original in 2016

In this Update! of 2016 we review the past year and have various stakeholders talk about their experiences with Fair Trade Original. We also give you more insights in our mission, ambitions and working methods. 

Read our Annual Accounts 2016 here.

Update! Asia

Five years ago, our first (wok) sauces and curry pastes from Thailand were introduced on Dutch shelves. In this Update! Asia we offer you a snapshot: where are we now, and where are we heading?

Annual report

One of Fair Trade Original’s primary objectives is to increase the supply of fair trade products. In 2015, our already broad product range grew to include 9 new products. The highlights were the introduction of biological coconut milk and coffee capsules.

Read our Annual Report 2015 for more details.

Or download our Annual Accounts for 2015 here.